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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plone Indicators

Last March Jeff Whatcott put together an insightful set of graphics for Drupal. Some of these stats have been watched on this blog, but there are some new ones. Someone over at the Plone boards on Nabble suggested that the Plone community do the same. Here goes...

How Often Do People Search for Plone on Google?
Plone = blue, Drupal = red, Wordpress = green, Joomla = orange

Back in 2003, Plone was the leader of the (very small) CMS pack. Search volume has been declining since mid-2005. 2006 was a good year for Plone in the news.

How Often Do People Mention Plone on Twitter?
There have been no tweets recently. (Curious, because I saw conference tweets in DC.)

How Often Do People Mention Plone on Blogs?
Posts that contain Plone per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

How Many Job Postings Mention Plone?

Very periodic, but also trending upwards nicely.

plone Job Trends graph

plone Job Trendsplone jobs

However, when compared with other heavy-hitter CMS...

How Do Plone Jobs Pay?
(Gotta figure out what Blogger is doing to my table styles!)

Python Developer $88,000
Product Developer $72,000
Web Developer Net $69,000
QA Test Analyst $74,000
Computer Programmer $54,000
Application Development Manager $104,000
Senior Information Architect $86,000
Linux Engineer $88,000

plone $74,000

drupal $71,000

wordpress $61,000

joomla $71,000

View Larger Salary Graph

How Well Do Plone Books Sell on Amazon?
Please see my earlier post.

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Matt Hamilton said...

Something I've just thought of... do the Google search stats also include 'Google Custom Search' queries? Ie. on forum.joomla.org, searches for forum posts use Google, whereas plone.org does its own internal search.