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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CMS-476 Database Design

Its the final evening of my College of Santa Fe Computer-Math Science 476 class. That's the Database Design class for non-traditional (evening and weekend) students. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm able to take their UML modeling skills and use them to create a Plone product in a single evening. A series of screencasts is up on YouTube describing the process (start with Part B and then chase down the others, C through to G).

The exercise was met with very positive responses from the students. A couple of them will actually be implementing something in Plone in their day-jobs. For example, a student who works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Emergency Operations Center learned of a former student who has already created an archetype for EOC equipment inventory. Looks like a great fit.

Also, here's the news on Packt's open source awards from Nate Aune:

In case you hadn't heard already, Plone has been nominated for the
"Best Overall Open Source CMS" and the "Best Other Open Source CMS"
categories in the Packt Publishing CMS awards and is now a finalist.
If you haven't voted already, please do it now! The voting ends on
Oct. 20, so there are only 5 days remaining to cast your vote.

Vote for Plone in the "Best Overall Open Source CMS" award

Vote for Plone in the "Best Other Open Source CMS" award

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See the other finalists for the Best Other Open Source CMS award:

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