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Thursday, October 9, 2008

World Plone Conference 2008

The Conference has been going well and I've had a good time making new connections, renewing acquaintances, and learning lots about Plone. Even if only one session per day was stellar, these Plone Conferences would be worth the time and money. The trouble is, there are lots of stellar sessions each day.

At left Limi talks about his vision for where the Plone user experience is heading. I've also attended very worthwhile talks by Joel Burton, David Glick, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, and a fascinating Birds of a Feather session about Cooperation and Collaboration as a Business Model.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to Clayton Parker's Buildout talk or Burton's KSS talk (oh, no! a conflict). There's also a potential conflict between Lawrence Row's SQLAlchemy session and Nate Aune's multimedia talk.

Probably over lunch Friday Nate and I will catch up with Mark Corum and discuss Plone marketing ideas, strategies, and a path forward.

Meanwhile on the general CMS news front, Infoworld has a piece referenced by Yahoo! IT news about Acquia and Drupal.

One thing jumped out at me, this item:
You'll still need to have hardware already set up with PHP, MySQL (or PostgreSQL), and a Web server, such as Apache. Don't underestimate the work to get this running -- especially in a large production setting. It took me about a day to set up and troubleshoot this stack on my Windows Server 2003 server.
Ye gods! Downloading the Plone Windows installer takes longer than running it and then you've got an out-of-the-box, fully functioning Plone instance on any Windows machine you want. But a full day to configure the stack for Drupal?! My students in my database design class at the College of Santa Fe install Plone and create a fully featured custom data type from a UML class diagram in a single class session.

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