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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Amazon Statistics

Time again for my quarterly analysis of Amazon stats for Plone books. This go-round Aspeli has bounced back from over 200,000 to 18,000. This position is better than any period since March. Remember that decreasing Amazon rank means increased sales volume.

Back in June I said:
With this sudden up-turn, I'd be inclined to think that six months after the Plone 3.0 release and the publication of Professional Plone Development everyone who needed the book has bought it. Come back in Sept. and we'll see if this is a fluke or a continuing trend.
Looks like it was a fluke or the summer doldrums. Sometimes its nice to have to eat your words.

CMS book sales continue to be brisk. I see that Mercer's Drupal book is in the top 1000 (654) and VanDyk & Buytaert's second edition is rated at 1379. One Drupal text is now available for the Kindle.

Speaking of the Kindle, searching Amazon's Kindle Store for "Plone," one finds Magnus Lie Hetland's Beginning Python. I wonder what the Plone-Kindle market is? Please comment if you read this blog and own one.

I applied my "weighted sales rank" algorithm (1/sales rank * 106) as a proxy for sales volume and see that Aspeli accounts for roughly 82% of Plone book sales. Cameron Cooper comes in at 9.3% followed by the smattering of the others. Remember that a large number of Plone books sales may not be tracked due to e-publishing (Plone Live and Plone CM Essentials) and availability online (A User's Guide to Plone).

Once again I'll beat the drum for the Plone community to buy books, review books, write books.

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