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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Impacts Plone

You might wonder how a hurricane can have any effect on software. In this case, its the Plone infrastructure that's getting hammered. Hurricane Ike, a strong Category 2 storm, is set to strike the Texas gulf coast near Houston late tonight into early tomorrow. It has a huge wind field and is pushing a large storm surge ahead of it.

Enfold Systems, a key player in the Plone world, is based in Houston. Alan Runyon, one of the co-creators of Plone, is President. I had my first (and only) Plone training course in Houston, taught by Cameron Cooper. Enfold produces great produces like their Desktop and of course Enfold Server. They've been a great resource.

Now the forecast is for Ike to bring with it storm surges of up to 30' in upper Galveston Bay and along the Houston Ship Canal. Galveston Island may be completely under water. I hope everyone has evac'ed from low-lying areas in the southeast side of the city and gotten the windows boarded up or shuttered in. Good luck, everyone.


Erik Kulvinskas said...

I've personally spoken with Aimee at Enfold and everyone is OK, but power is still out in many places.

Schlepp said...

Thanks for the update, Erik. I periodically pinged the Enfold website during Ike and was amazed that it was up 100% of the time. Gotta ask Alan how it was if he makes it to DC next month.

Check out the NOAA satellite imagery of the area at http://ngs.woc.noaa.gov/ike/IKE0000.HTM.