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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Plone Metrics in Amman

After the usual airline travails, I'm in Amman, Jordan. Not too bad for 8 timezones (soon to be 9 when the US kicks out of DST early tomorrow--its still 7:00 PM Sat. in ABQ as I write this). The WACSI workshop held an informal mixer this evening where we got to meet our regional participants. Of course, the CMC-Amman staff were there. They've done a terrific job getting all the logistics in place, translating material, and helping out with direction connections to hard-to-reach people.

We've got attendance from a dozen Jordanians, over a dozen Syrians, two from Saudi Arabia, and a handful from Egypt. Some are policy heads of various NGOs; others are technical representatives. Whatever their background, they'll have three days of interaction and discussion about how best to form a robust online community to support the several missions of their organizations. Then we'll have two days of Plone how-to, which should take them to the point that they are able to make good use of our Plone framework.

The idea, of course, is to get us webmasters and admins out of the way. The user community should be able to organize and present the information they wish to disseminate as they see fit. And if we can get there in five days, I'll be very pleased.

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