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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Digital Arts CMS Review

I took the way-back machine six weeks into the past and found Digital Arts piece on CMS. Right off the bat I was pleased with his rational comments about basing your decision on more than just functionality. User community, frequency of updates, and professional support all should figure highly in your evaluation.

I was upset that the author somehow thinks Plone only supports MySQL. In fact the ZODB is the core database and one that I find increasingly makes RDBMS not necessary for many web apps. Plone (and no doubt many other CMS) easily interface with the Microsoft database world via ODBC adapters. Various adapters written in Python have been around since long before Plone.

The author of the Digital Arts review either implies that Alfresco wizards are superior to UML-driven Archetypes or they are unaware of ArchGenXML (and uml.joelburton.com). I find that Plone's use of industry-standard modeling tools a great advantage. Now if I could only reverse engineer the UML from the Archetype...

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