"Count what is countable. Measure what is measureable. What is not measureable, make measureable." -- Galileo

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Quest for the Holy Grail

I continue to work with Plone during the day and think about metrics at night. Alas, tonight I've got to get an early posting in--video-conference with Amman tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. Yep, with 9 timezones difference, any f2f communications require getting our shiny white fundaments out of bed by 5 in the morning or staying up until at least midnight. Especially during Ramadan, work schedules in the Middle East are shortened--no breakfast, no lunch, no tea breaks. Basically, you're done with your 8 hrs by 3:00 and plenty tired for low blood sugar.

Today I took Hovie Hawk's advice (hovie.com) and jinned up an alternative WACSI page with graphics in a grid instead of pages of text. I also found the problem with 2.1's RSS script. Easy fix. Now the Google Reader is happy as a clam with our site's feeds. The slides for the two days of NGO training in Jordan are coming together. Just need a few more screen captures of user/group administration, customization, and Plone use of CSS to finish off the set. 50 slides = 6 hours with plenty of hands-on exercises.

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