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Monday, October 15, 2007

Plone at Penn State

Here's another bit of well written analysis of CMS from WebLion at Penn State. They put Plone out in front of Drupal, but more importantly, they qualify their key features and why it meets their requirements. For those who just want the bottom line, WebLion concludes:

Plone is ideally suited for these use cases:

  • Large-volume public-facing internet sites
  • Intranet sites and sites containing sensitive data
  • Sites hosting specialized web applications
  • Research sites containing protected research data
  • Hosting multiple sites without sharing databases
This gets back to the message I've been harping on--understand your users, your requirements, your constraints, and own needed features. With hundreds of CMS out there, one of them is right for you. Look at similar organizations that may share your use case. Contact them. Most will be happy to share their decision-making process with you. If their environment and use case is close to yours, by all means follow their lead.

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