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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plone and mojoPortal at Packt

Packt Publishing announced their "Best Other Open Source CMS" award today and the judges gave it to mojoPortal, a system with which I have no experience. Plone came in second with Silva third. Alas, there is no cash prize for runners up in this category.

I would like to know more about their methodology because they state:
"mojoPortal’s ease of use, set of relevant tools and plugins and also the fact that it is cross platform, made it stand out above the rest."
Certainly Plone is platform independent, so that by itself shouldn't have been the deciding factor. That leaves ease of use and tools/plugins. Hard to tell exactly what they're looking for based on that cryptic statement.

I will agree that usability has become a big issue for me based on my research last spring in which a good chunk of the non-IT staff in my center were found to be "connected but hassled." See the Pew Internet & American Life Project Internet typology questionnaire for more info.

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