"Count what is countable. Measure what is measureable. What is not measureable, make measureable." -- Galileo

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

As with the unrest in North Africa, the effects of yesterday's disaster in Japan are felt even on Plone.org.  Here's the distribution of visits to Plone.org from last year, 11 March 2010.

And here's the map of site visitors from 11 March 2011...

In the northeast of the country site visits disappeared (understandably) with only one on the west coast.  Site visits picked up significantly in the south and west. Perhaps people are using Plone to develop sites that can quickly aid in the humanitarian relief effort?  Google's People Finder is now available in Japanese and Ushahidi has an active site.  If you have an idea for making use of Plone at this time, don't be shy. 

Meanwhile, our hearts go out to the victims of this disaster.