"Count what is countable. Measure what is measureable. What is not measureable, make measureable." -- Galileo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the Gang in Bristol

As the World Plone 2010 Conference moves into its final day (exclusive of the weekend sprints), I thought I'd type while the Plonistas in Bristol sleep.  OK, it's only midnight over there, so probably no one is really asleep.  You know what they say, "Sleep is for wusses." 

Here's a synopsis of some of the measures that I track over here at Plone Metrics, just for discussion starters. 

First off, here's the lastest Amazon Sales Rank stats.  Normally I do this quarterly, but grabbing the data a month or so early won't do any harm. 

Knox and Stahl continue to hold a good sales rank (low value) along with McKay and Redomino as well as McKay's Kindle version.  I'll post the raw data over at the Plone Marketing site later.

The LaunchPad stats are always fun.  Release 4.0.0 has already garnered 29,840 downloads of the Windows installer.  An additional 4,206 downloads of vers. 4.0.1 have taken place this month since its release on the 4th. That's 34,046 downloads for Windows. 

Hanno suggested adding PyPi numbers to the *nix installer numbers.  That turns out to be 6,388 plus 1,010 OS X downloads for 4.0.

As always, the one set of statistics sure to raise the ire of other communities is vulnerabilities reported at the National Vulnerability Database

3 mo 3 yr
Plone 0 9
WordPress 2 144
Drupal 10 282
Joomla 12 484

As usual, PHP-based systems fare much worse.  Over the past 3 years systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have hundreds of vulnerabilities, many of them serious.  Even in the last few months all three of those CMS's have had vulnerabilities with high levels of CVSS severity.

It's no wonder that Federal agencies in the U.S like the CIA, FBI, DHS, and DOE turn to Plone.   Internationally, nearly 300 governmental Plone sites are listed at Plone.net.  Closer to home here in New Mexico, the City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Public Schools, and Sandia National Laboratories all use Plone. 

Another qualitative way of looking at things is to look at the CMS subway map from Real Story Group (formerly CMS Reports).  This is the June 2010 version.  The main change is the addition of SharePoint Add-ons, which doesn't impact Plone's position at the intersection of web content management, portals & content integration, and collaboration & social software. 

The main change is the addition of SharePoint Add-ons, which doesn't impact Plone's position at the intersection of web content management, portals & content integration, and collaboration & social software. By their reckoning, Drupal should more properly be over by WordPress and Fatwire where web CMS and collaboration/social software run parallel.  Plone might be better served being compared with Open Text and IBM. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Action Day and Plone

October 15 is Blog Action Day and the topic this year is global water quality.  Together with US Fund for UNICEF, they're helping to build a movement of people across the world calling on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to accelerate the UN's work to supply clean, safe drinking water to the world's poorest populations.  Several initiatives are at work:

Raise funds for water: Change.org partnered with leading organizations to enable folks to raise money to provide clean drinking water to those in need. You can directly donate through Water.org, an organization co-founded by Matt Damon. Just $25 provides clean water for a lifetime for one person.

Spread the Word: Help to spread the word about Blog Action Day 2010 across the web. Take a moment to tell your friends to sign up via email, Facebook and Twitter. The more voices that are involved in the conversation, the greater the collective impact.

What, you might ask, does any of this have to do with Plone?  Turns out my oldest active Plone portal is http://waterportal.sandia.gov.  It's a collaborative workspace for teams all over the world to share water data, hydrogeological models, and other information about a resource that can be a contentious regional issue.  Waterportal is now over six years old, still chugging along on Plone 2.5.  We have workgroups from the Middle East, Central Asia, and the United States all sharing expertise and interest in clean, safe water.

Maybe this Oct. 15 I'll do a pro bono upgrade of waterportal to Plone 3. 

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