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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Plone Metrics Searches

Who's been visiting Plone Metrics and why? Conveniently, Google's Webmaster Tools provide a way to answer this one. Top of the list is the search string "wacsi," which links (among other things) to our Civil Society portal. But within the realm of Plone-relevant searches, "Plone advocacy" and "Plone review" are high up the list.

Another common keyword search is "measures of effectiveness," which surprises me. When you start thinking about search terms for metrics, this isn't the first one that hops to mind.

Still another interesting search string is "'Plone Professional Development' pdf." It appears that some site visitors were looking for a pdf copy of Aspeli's recent book. The good news is that Packt Publishing is now offering it as an e-book. Perhaps some are looking for a free online copy in the way that McKay's "Definitive Guide to Plone" is out there, but you'll have to wait for that.

Not surprisingly, a few visitors are searching for "Drupal," "Dot Net Nuke," "Netvolution," and "Mojoportal." So there's a fair amount of interest in software comparisons, even if a few like key players like Joomla! are missing.

Finally, in closing I'd like to point out my favorite oddity in all this: "moribund." I used the term to describe software with no stable release and no development activity in the last year. For some unfathomable reason, Googling for "moribund" brings up Plone Metrics in the number two slot. Go figure....

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