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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CMS Matrix Revisited

In the wake of the strategic summit I thought I'd toss my two bits into the "where Plone should focus in the future" discussion. Back in my Jan. 30 posting, I developed a metric called "Ahead," which counted the number of CMS listed on CMS Matrix who were ranked higher than Plone in a given category and had a higher vote count as well. This removed high ranking sites that had only a handful or less of advocates gaming the ratings.

Today I'd like to look at the places Plone did not do so well and argue that those areas need improvement. The categories with high Ahead values and hence having several to many CMS ahead of them in that area are:
  • System Requirements
  • Performance
  • Commerce
System requirements gets to my favorite complaint--memory intensive, long running processes. This and the perception that LAMP service providers can't easily and cheaply include Zope and Plone in their packages contributes to the lack of low priced hosting.

Performance has been the downfall of only one of my professional portals and, in conjunction with political back games, was cited by the American Bonsai Society as the rationale drop its Plone portal. That was 2.0 and we've seen steady improvements in performance, so this one I consider topic under control, just don't take your eye off this ball.

Finally, commerce. I'll hold off on that discussion for another day.

Meanwhile, the search for strategic summit blogs, reports, and commentaries continues.

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