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Sunday, July 3, 2011

CMS Matrix -- Security and Support

Here's Part II of my series on stats from CMS Matrix.  Earlier I looked at the total number of features for the top ten most-compared CMSs.  Today I'll share the numbers on the first two categories broken out by CMS Matrix:  security and support. 
From the security numbers it's easily seen that Plone and TYPO3 top the list at 100% with eZ Publish in third some distance behind.  WebGUI hangs on in 4th and everyone else lags significantly.  In at least one way this doesn't mirror the numbers from the National Vulnerability Database:  TYPO3 shows 273 vulnerabilities in the past 3 years compared to Plone with only 7.  Having a lot of security-related features doesn't mean you have air-tight security for the system itself. 
The support statistics show a cluster of six CMSs at the top.  The top three (Drupal, TYPO3, eZ Publish) are separated from the second three (Joomla, WebGUI, Plone) by their certification programs.  The remaining four CMSs are below 80% in number of support features. 

Next up, ease of use and performance.  Stay tuned.

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Steve McMahon said...

Really enjoying these posts! Thanks!