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Thursday, July 7, 2011

CMS Matrix -- Management and Interoperabilities

Yet another look at the CMS Matrix numbers.  Yeah, I know, they're user-contributed and probably biased.  Heck, I'd urge Plonistas to at least head over and add to the ratings to boost Plone scores.  It only takes a few inputs to bump some of the numbers up significantly.

But even with those caveats, I think it's worthwhile to go over the numbers once in awhile to see what is shaking out in a general sense.  So here we're looking at the ten most-compared CMSs and counting features--not quality, but quantity. 

Here's the graph on interoperability features.  Remember, we're just counting features that are a clear 'Yes' or an 'Available with Free Add-on.'
Once again TYPO3 and Plone lead the pack, this time by a large margin.  Most CMSs languish in the 50-70% range except for eZ Publish, which manages to crawl into the 80% bracket.  PHP Nuke drags in with a flat 0%.

Here's the graph of feature counts as percentage of total possible (only six features).  Plone take the lead with TYPO3, WebGUI, and eZ Publish close behind.  PHP Nuke once again is at the bottom of the heap and everyone else is in the 70-80% range. 

If you missed the earlier posts, head back to the first (overall), second (security and support), and third (ease of use and performance) installments of the series and see where the earlier feature-count percentages place the top ten CMSs.  Next up, built in apps (whatever that means) and commerce features.  Stay tuna'd.

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