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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Great Backyard Plone Count 2010

I'm gearing up for this year's GBPC, The Great Backyard Plone Count in only 14 more days.  This year's event corresponds with The Great Backyard Bird Count, also taking place on the same long weekend, 12-15 February, 2010.

Last year, our first ever, we took in 184 sightings of Plone sites. Thanks to every one who participated especially to Matt Hamilton (30 sites) and D. Thomas (27 sites), who were our top contributors.  If you contributed last year, we'll set up a simple mechanism for you to simply confirm that they are still active sites without having to re-enter any data. 

One important change this year is the addition of a usability question, inspired by Jukka Ojaniemi's Plone research.  It's just a quick 1-3 scale (awful to alright to awesome), but it will help define the span of Plone quality.

Some of the tools we'll set up will include Google Docs mechanisms to: 
  • Use the 2010 Data Form  (active only 12-15 Feb.)
  • Download the Plone Checklist (download an empty table, fill in all your sites at once)
  • Submit Your Plone Checklist (upload a bulk list to an e-mail address--active only 12-15 Feb.) 
  • Confirm last year's sites (via e-mail notification--active only 12-15 Feb--you may still add new site sightings)
Considering that Plone.net lists 1950 sites, being able to track about 10% of that number, especially intranets that are otherwise invisible behind firewalls is very helpful to those of us who watch the numbers.

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