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Sunday, January 10, 2010

CMS PageRanks

Alexander Limi pointed out in a tweet back in late December that Plone.org was one of only 148 websites with a Google pagerank of 9 or higher.  Interestingly, only WordPress and Mambo of other CMS make it onto the list.

That said, some pseudo-pagerank estimators include Joomla and Drupal in the pagerank 9 levels.  At the same time, sites such as Alfresco.com and Interwoven.com have only a PR of 7, while Vignette.com (OpenText) has an 8.  Fatwire.com drags in with a 6. 

Oracle and some other big names turn up, but probably due to their mainline software, not necessarily their CMS.  Microsoft.com has a PR of  9 but their SharePoint site only pulls in a 7.  Oracle's WebCenter Suite scores a 6. 

Like Amazon sales ranks, the data is dynamic along several axes:  when and which Google data center is being queried.  iWebTools shows 33 different data centers where for Drupal.org most list a PR of 0 at the moment even while Plone.org rocks on with a 9. This may be a measure of a CMS's search engine optimization more than anything else, in which case Plone is one of the leaders. 

In closing I'd like to mention that one of my favorite Plone sites, the Great Backyard Bird Count, shows this year's event scheduled for February 12-15, 2010.  Get your binoculars out!

And that means that the Great Backyard Plone Count is on for that same 96-hour period.  Stand by for details, including instructions on CMS spotting.  Tip o' the hat to Seth Gottlieb at content here for publicizing last year's event.

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Wouter said...

I'm quite certain that the Drupal-pagerank of 9 is only very recent.

I did this comparison less than 12 months ago, Drupal then had a PR of 8.