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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Security Announcement and Mobile

An interesting spike turned up in the Plone.org visitor stats this past week.  Although the regular visitors showed just a tiny blip, mobile usage more than doubled. 

Seems that the recent security announcement got people's attention and they turned to Plone.org with their smart phones.  Based on this, it would seem prudent to design mobile style sheets to pay particular attention to time-sensitive announcements.  That's probably good advice for any website.

One other observation from the above figure:  mobile visitors to Plone.org don't show the usual weekly pattern of general visitors.  Minima are as likely to occur on a Tuesday as a Sunday for mobile.  Meanwhile, general visitors show a strong dropoff on the weekends.  This trend for mobile might just be random fluctuations due to the smaller number of mobile visitors, something that gets swamped by the huge number of non-mobile site users.

If you use Plone.org via a mobile device, I'd like to hear from you -- how and when do you turn to the website with your phone?  Please comment.

1 comment:

Mikko Ohtamaa said...

Hi Karl,

I could take a look of XDV based mobile Plone.org theme in the future, as we might have some money paying clients wanting XDV based mobilization also...

Meanwhile, some notes

* People use RSS readers on phones more than on the desktop

* Web and Mobile exists, but is too heavy for plone.org

* plonecommunity.mobi collects minimal amout of mobile traffic (but it has users)