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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plone.org and Plone.net Tag Clouds

It's certainly easy enough to generate tag clouds these days, but two places I'd not seen it were the Plone sites.  So here you have it:  Plone.org and Plone.net word clouds. 

My method was to extract as CSV the top 500 titles from Google Analytics using their Content by Title option for each site.  That was cleaned up a bit in Open Office Calc.  Then it was simply a matter of copying-and-pasting all the rows into Wordle and looking for a pleasant and readable result.  I used Wordle's default ceiling of 150 most frequent words. 

From Plone.org:

From Plone.net:
From both of these, I'd have to say that the Plone sites are doing a very good job of covering their respective domains.  Neither site has just a few terms crushing the others into the background.  Frequency distribution of terms is well graded.  There's a wide and useful vocabulary displayed in each graphic, indicating that all the key topics are indeed key topics. 

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