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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plone 4 Released

It's been a red-letter week for Plone with the release of version 4.0 on Wednesday.  Typically, Wednesdays are average days at Plone.org, but this week we saw 2.5 times the normal traffic as visitors flocked to the site.  Since then, site visitor loads have been 1.5 to 2 times daily averages. 

Downloads for Plone 4.0 are significant also.  Since this week's release, almost 6,000 downloads have been logged at launchpad.net.  That's about 10% of the lifetime download total for 3.3.5.

Interestingly, the installer for Windows (.exe) is being downloaded about twice as frequently as the unified installer (.tgz) for Unix-based systems.  That will probably change with time--right now people seem to be downloading to their Windows desktops and taking 4.0 for a test drive.

The press has been good for this release with CMS Report, CMS Wire, The H Open, and MacNN all running the news in English.  Several foreign language press releases have turned up, too.  Of course, Plone shops are spreading the word as well with Jon Stahl, Enfold (including a link to the 4.0 user's guide), and Six Feet Up getting their material out the door first. 

I should reiterate Jon's note over in the Evangelism forum encouraging everyone to blog, tweet, like, digg, and otherwise spread the Plone 4 goodness.  Also, thanks to Graham Perrin for pointing out the outstanding Plone 4.0 video. And in closing, a special tip o' the hat to Eric Steele and the 4.0 developers for making this release happen. 

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Wichert Akkerman said...

The windows installer has always seen many, many more downloads than all other installers. That has been true for almost every major and minor release of Plone 3.x (and probably 2.5 as well), so I do not share your expectation that that will change over time. It may indicate that the Plone user base is radically more Windows oriented than many people are expecting. Perhaps something to research for your next blog post?