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Saturday, December 5, 2009

CMS Watch Subway Map

The 2010 Content Technology Subway Map just came out (thanks, CMS Watch).  The format is superficially changed, but by and large its the same concept just cast perhaps in the style of a different city's public transport map.  (Anyone know the basis for this year's map?  Toyko?  Vienna?  DC?  London?  Please comment.)

There's been a surprising amount of discussion over on the Evangelism Forum about Plone's position.  The short answer is that since the 2009 map came out Plone and its neighbors haven't moved an iota.  Then there's the long answer... (do I ever have a short answer?). 

The significant changes comparing 2010 to 2009 are the addition of a line between Yahoo! and Adobe (the Lime Line--Web Analytics) as well as a link between Reccomend to Adobe (Orange Line--Search & Information Access).  There has been an extension to the Brown line with Fabasoft, Docuware, and Objective.  Vignette has been added to Open Text on the main line.  Vyre has been added on the Purple and Blue lines (between Open Text and Day).  Cisco has been removed from the Red line and Jboss is now JBoss/Exo (moved to a new spot on the Green line between MS and Oracle). 

Of more interest to Plone are changes in the lower left quadrant.  Exo has been added on the Green Line (Enterprise Portal) and OpenCMS has been added on the Blue Line (Web Content Management).  Plone is still a triple threat CMS--Enterprise Portal, Web Content Management, and Social Software & Collaboration systems. 

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