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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Amazon Numbers and Other Bits

I'm a little past due with my usual Amazon sales rank stats this month... the dog days of summer are taking their toll. Our top ranking text is Practical Plone 3 (remember, small Amazon sales ranks are good). I've thinned things out by omitting most of the 2008 data (see my March posting for all that) and that reduces much of the chatter.

Overall, things are holding their own. Practical Plone 3 is still ahead of the pack with a sales rank of 151,532. I should point out that average customer review ratings (not shown) are uniformly high (4.5-5) except for Cooper and Meloni.

I recently ran across a tool called Wikirank that gives you a count of the number of times a Wikipedia page was accessed over the previous 30 days. The numbers for some popular CMS and blogging systems look like this.
CMS Wikirank
Drupal 40,589
Joomla 36,403
WordPress 24,141
MediaWiki 18,299
SharePoint 15,795
Plone 6,177

I'm not at all sure what these mean--SharePoint and Plone at the bottom, Drupal and Joomla at the top. It definitely doesn't track Google Trends, where WordPress and Joomla are huge relative to Drupal. At any rate, I'll keep tracking this over time and periodically popping up with a summary.

Just in passing, for those of you who watch the ASP world, back in June asp.netPRO announced its 2009 Readers' Choice Award Winners. These were based on voting concluded last April. Geoff Spick makes some interesting observations at his blog on the fact that SharePoint took the prize for best CMS even though Microsoft has been touting it instead as a document collaboration and productivity platform. DotNetNuke came in second.

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