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Friday, May 1, 2009

World Plone Day

Happy May Day. This morning's post is a collection of miscellany while my main article on Plone.org statistics cooks on a back burner.

For anyone who hosted a WPD event last week, kindly take a moment to fill out the simple survey form that is collecting data on the many different events out there. The current results only show Istanbul, Albuquerque, Pisa, Taipei, Paris, and Cologne. Thanks.

I found an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald about CMS, especially FOSS vs subscription services, by Valerie Khoo. That in turn has lead to a lively discussion at CMS Report that continues up to this week.

CMS Wire is staying on top of things and I see they have a new end-of-the-month feature looking at what's up and coming in the month ahead. They made mention of both Plone symposia and it's always good to get press like that.

Web Hosting Geeks has an article that in its own way reiterates my own position: let requirements drive your CMS decision. The article discusses WordPress vs Joomla, but frankly one could just as easily strike out WordPress and replace it with Drupal or SharePoint and switch Joomla for Plone.

In an unrelated item, Packt just rolled out their author website, which may inspire some to pick up their virtual pen and write that book. Of interest to me is Packt's announcement of their 2009 Author Awards. Voting is now open but the rules limit contenders to authors of new or revised titles from 2008. With several new Plone titles coming out this year, plan on this being a hot item next year for the 2010 Author Awards.

In closing I'd like to thank Nate Aune, Jon Stahl, Chris Johnson, David Brenneman, Ross Patterson, and Alexander Limi for their hard work at the NTEN Conference this past week. From the looks of the online material at NTEN it was a great conference. I wish I'd kept better notes on the Twittersphere this week--there was a noticible up-tick in positive traffic that I attribute to the Plone booth at NTEN. I also note that there's now a Plone twibe at http://twibes.com/plone.

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