"Count what is countable. Measure what is measureable. What is not measureable, make measureable." -- Galileo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

World Plone Day

I've been following WPD on Twitter. Lots of activity from Japan and even remarks from Malta and Basque country. Haven't seen anything from Australia, New Zealand or India yet. Here in New Mexico things won't kickoff until around 11:00.

If you hosted a WPD event, please hop over to the Google Docs spreadsheet input form where we're collecting participation information. You can view last year's results and see this year's numbers roll in at the spreadsheet itself.

This year WPD coincides with Earth Day, at least in the U.S. I just Googled for "Earth Day" & Plone. Over 9,000 results, most of them Earth Day events promulgated on Plone-based sites. By way of comparison, "Earth Day" & Drupal returns 29,000 results while Joomla has nearly 65,000. The difficulty of interpretting numbers like these is that SERP doesn't indicate search term affinity, adjacency, or context. A blog like this one mentions "Plone" and "Earth Day," so it turns up in the results, even though its not a Plone-based site.

I am reminded that the City of Albuquerque's "sustainability" section, its original Plone section, is http://www.cabq.gov/albuquerquegreen. Looking forward to meeting up with the City's Plonistas later today. Also looking forward to catching up with the gang from FosterMilo.

Re: SharePoint blues. Had an interesting call from one of the Megaports folks upstairs early this morning. They needed to move a folder with all its subfolders and content. Turns out to be non-trivial. Moral of the story, in SharePoint you'd better get your information hierarchy right the first time, because after you load up your folder structure, changes become very hard.

By contrast, moving a folder in Plone is a simple cut-and-paste. With an object oriented database under the hood, all the links simply work.

Re: Drupal blues. More anecdotal evidence turned up yesterday about difficulties with Drupal's security and the strength of Plone's.

In closing, I thought I'd link to a couple excellent resources about Web statistics from FosterMilo. Thanks, Chantal.

Presentation to UNM's Anderson School of Management
The myth of visitor stats
Segmentation in Google Analytics
Measurement without e-commerce conversion goals
Have a great World Plone Day!


burrito eater said...

Really? Do we really need to have a "plone is cooler than Drupal?" argument?

Because that gets fun really quickly:

Really quickly:

Let's focus on "Open Source CMS are a great alternative to SharePoint, Vignette, and friends" instead. We can be coopetitors here.

Schlepp said...

Burrito Eater, my mantra on this blog has always been "let your requirements drive your CMS decision." In my particular case, security is an important driver and we've recently had some interesting discussion about what the security numbers mean.

Re: Visitor stats. Be sure to read the article above about "The Myth of Visitor Stats." If visits were all that matters, this Google trend puts Joomla enormously ahead. Interestingly, the Compete trendline doesn't show the same.

Your term "coopetitors" is a great one and deserves a blog posting on its own.