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Monday, March 30, 2009

The CMS Websites

Tonight I was trolling around in CMS Matrix to see what interesting tidbits I could pick up. What I came across that piqued my interest was their list of links. Omitting the generalist Wikipedia, there are six featured references.

I took the time to visit each site and search for "Plone" to get an idea of the currency and thoroughness of their material. What I found was surprisingly uneven.
Resource Plone Citations Most Recent Plone Item
CMS Critic 5 03/16/09
CMS Watch™ 88 10/26/07
CMS Info 38 12/22/08
CMS Review 12 03/17/09
CMS Report 82 03/25/09
CMS Wire 120 03/04/09

CMS Watch was very out of date despite the fairly large collection of citations. CMS Wire had the largest number of items but doesn't have a date sort feature, so it would have been easy to miss something more current than their reference to the multi-site management article earlier this month.

CMS Critic only had five URLs (and one of those was their complete CMS listing), but they were very recent. Interestingly, Plone doesn't make CMS Critic's list of enterprise content management, there isn't a Plone review, and there isn't an interview with any key players. Perhaps there's a marketing opportunity here.

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