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Friday, February 20, 2009

Plone-site Tags

A tip o' the hat to Sam, who left a suggestion during last weekend's Great Backyard Plone Count. He suggested mining Plone URLs from Del.icio.us where plone-site is the requisite tag in question.

A couple lines of Python later and we've got a Google Docs spreadsheet with 1,427 Plone URLs. Del.icio.us reported 2326 tagged items, but about 900 were duplicates. Not sure how they're reporting things; perhaps they're getting subordinate pages with tags folded in as well.

At any rate, there's a whole lotta Plone out there. That also means the GBPC netted 163 sites (183 less the 20 plone-site tagged items I manually entered). Another tip o' the hat goes out to everyone who took the time to enter their "sitings" this weekend. We'll see you next year and then we'll be able to start spotting some trends.

Meanwhile, I've got some homework to do--comparing Plone.net listings with the Del.icio.us set, running some QA/QC, and checking to see if all the sites are live. I might even have a shot at comparing numbers per country against things like Llakomy's stats for Britain.

Also in my things-to-do list is finishing up the tasks that Nate Aune got me to sign up for during this week's Plone Marketing Committee conference call. With the Marketing Committee reinvigorated, expect to see more advocacy and evangelism for Plone.

And finally, I've been inspired to start tracking Twitter tweets that mention Plone. Should be good for the occasional blog posting.

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Matt Hamilton said...

Another great idea... via Andreas Jung... all zope2 sites expose /manage_copyright by default. I've tested this on some of the heaviest customized sites I know and they still show it. try novell.com/manage_copyright ;) S I was thinking combining this with similar tactic that Lukasz used for http://www.llakomy.com/articles/plone-websites-in-uk.

I was thinking of writing a spider that starter at plone.net, delicious, and planet plone and reaching out to the wider world checking for /manage_copyright as it goes.