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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quarterly Amazon Stats

Its December and time for my quarterly statistics on Amazon sales ranks for Plone texts. Remember that when it comes to Amazon sales rank, big numbers mean low sales. That said, Aspeli leads the pack ever so slightly at #310,527 followed very closely by Lotze, et al. and Cooper. Pelletier and Shariff are at the top of the graph and bottom of Amazon sales rank, no doubt because of their effective direct e-distribution.

There are two newcomers to the graph: A Users Guide to Plone (Lotze, Runyan, Hasecke, Nagle) and The Definitive Guide to Plone, 2nd Ed. (Reale, McKay). The latter is due out next April and is available for pre-order. Recall my earlier post about racking up a favorable sales ranks by coordinating pre-orders.

By way of comparison with other CMS, VanDyk's Pro Drupal Development has a sales rank of #8,385. Mercer's book comes in with #15,746.

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