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Friday, November 7, 2008

World Plone Day

WPD 2008 is here at last. In Albuquerque we're hosting an open house at our facility. Very informal with folks just dropping by, asking questions, and seeing what the system can do. Eleven attendees this morning (10:00 until noon). I'm expecting a fellow with a Python-external database problem to drop by later.

Meanwhile, there's a lull in the action, so I'll break for a quick bite. Twittering at http://twitter.com/Schlepp.

A few more post-lunch visitors made for a total of 14 attendees. Topics today ranged widely:
  • Comparing Plone with IBM's commercial CMS and JBoss
  • Plone for scientific and mathematical computing
  • Need for a corporate Python-Plone wiki and mailing list
  • Use of Plone by CIA, FBI, NASA, and other USG agencies
  • External RDBMS synchronization
  • Software management repositories and sharing them through Plone
  • Automatic code generation
On the first point, Plone looked very good by comparison. We created a portal for the questioner, configured site setup, and uploaded a custom logo, all in about 15 minutes.

On the last point we built a quick-and-dirty UML class diagram in ArgoUML, ran it through Joel's web engine, and had an archetype in no time.

One very good question we were asked was, "What else is Plone besides a CMS?"

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