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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CMS at SourceForce Community Choice Awards

The results are in from the latest SourceForge Community Choice Awards. OpenOffice and phpMyAdmin did well in the winners circle, but there's a back story among the also-ran.

Finalists for the Best Project category included Drupal and XOOPS. Best Project for the Enterprise finalists included Drupal. Best Project for Educators finalists included Drupal and Moodle. Finalists in the Most Likely to Change the World category also included Drupal. Best New Project included ImpressCMS. In the satirical category Most Likely to Be Ambiguously and Baselessly Accused of Patent Violation, Moodle was a finalist. And surprisingly, Drupal was a finalist in the Best Tool or Utility for Developers category.

One has to remember that this is a self-reporting survey of sorts, which instantly biases the results. However, the SourceForge Awards do attract a lot of media attention--I saw the announcement of the winners in a Yahoo!News item.

Remember that Plone moved off of SourceForge and now uses LaunchPad in order to avoid U.S. export control issues. That said, SourceForge ostensibly opened the competition to all open source, whether hosted on SF or not. I have a hypothesis that all the finalists are SF-hosted. When I get a minute later today, I'll drill down and see if that's true.

Meanwhile, the Packt Publishing Open Source CMS Awards are open for nomination. Plone has done well here in the past and, importantly, there is a cash prize. Get over to the Packt site and vote for Plone.

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