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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Plone and Amazon

I was looking at my stats at Google Analytics and noticed that a goodly number of people hit this blog searching for my Plone and Amazon statistics pieces. I've been compiling those numbers every quarter since December, but curiosity got the better of me tonight and I dove into Amazon a month early. Here are the Plone and Drupal book statistics:

Author Reviews Rating Sales Rank
Aspeli 10 4.7 48,987
McKay 15 4.1 300,131
Cooper 7 3.7 490,768

Meloni 9 3.1 588,007
Pelletier, Shariff 5 4.8 1,012,141

9.2 4.1 Average

Basically, the Plone numbers are declining, which is more apparent in the following graph. Remember, smaller sales ranks mean higher on the Amazon list.

Aspeli's book continues to lead. Due to the scale, its difficult to resolve the considerable fall-off in his sales since this winter. Others continue to slide in the ratings, although Plone Live seems to be holding its own. (Pelletier and Shariff are outliers in the sense that most of their sales are presumed to be direct online from Cygnix.)

My thoughts on this are that this is a reflection on the time that has elapsed since the 3.0 roll out. The average of the reviewer ratings is 4.1, which is slightly higher than the 3.9 average of the Drupal books (not shown).

I can reiterate my conclusions from before: (1) Support Plone authors and buy their books and (2) review and rate them.

I should also mention Alex Steffen's interesting experience, which he related at a One/NW event (see the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh3hlU97_wo, 4th speaker, about 27 minutes into the hour-long set of lightning talks).

Alex talks about the fact that with a little coordination among interested peers and social network contacts, one can get a huge boost to Amazon sales rank on Day One. The bottom line is to have more advanced purchases and coordinated Day One purchases on Amazon for the next Plone book. Mercer's new book on Drupal 6 already has a pre-publication sales rank that is excellent. The Plone community can do better. Plone authors take heed.

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