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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NASA Plone and Plone Day

April has run its course and May is going to be a busy one for me. I'll be in Italy hoping to convince my contacts there that Plone will be the right choice for their new Knowledge Management System. Expect short reports once I'm over there and a summary when I get back.

Meanwhile, I see that NASA's new science outreach site is Plone powered. Beautifully done. Tip o' the hat to the developers and designers.

Also, Plone Day, Nov. 7, is starting to gain traction. Head over to the Plone Evangelism list on Nabble.com and follow Roberto Allende's thread.

Final note, there seems to be a cooling off of "CMS Review Wars" these days. Seems like in 2007 there was a CMS Throwdown or Head-to-head Comparison every few weeks. Lately, CMS reviews are a bit stale. If I get some free time this weekend, I'll see if I can statistically show a trend.

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