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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Measures of Effectiveness

Here's the rest of the Plone Effectiveness Measurement table, starting with attributes and drilling down to measures, including a column of notes about where we might be able to gather the necessary inputs.

Attribute Measure Notes
Release Size Major, minor, RC, beta, alpha Sourceforge history
Release Frequency Date
Bugs Subsequent bug reports See FLOSS Study of Available Tools
Core mailing lists Activity per unit time
Support mailing lists Activity per unit time
Security vulnerabilities Number of known vulnerabilities MITRE CVE list of known vulnerabilities
Size of CDT Number of core developers
Involvement of CDT Length of service; role Questionnaire
New features Major and minor features included per release http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap
Downloads Downloads per platform http://sourceforge.net/project/stats/?group_id=47214&ugn=plone
Installations Number of installations ?
Defectors Number of installations removed Uninstall feedback to Plone.org
Economic health of third-party companies Metrics from Plone Foundation, Enfold, One/NW, etc. Direct requests?
Technical reviews Number and 'rating' from published reviews Data mining?
High-profile installations Number and 'quality' of high-profile users http://plone.org/about/sites
Users of Plone portals Number of registered members of Plone portals Sampling?
Visitors to Plone portals Number of visitors to Plone portals Sampling?

Tomorrow I'll post a listing of URLs for various reviews and comparisons of Plone and other CMS.

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